Perinvest (Lux) SICAV - FG US Equity L/S


  • US Equity long/short with a focus on US small and mind cap equity

  • UCITS compliant version of the reference strategy, i.e. Perinvest Whistler strategy (launched in 2004).

  • Constant sourcing and dynamic sharing of ideas through large team resulting in highly active position management.

  • Disciplined investment process involving thorough bottom-up fundamental research.

  • Variable gross/net exposure via market hedges and individual shorts.

  • Alpha generation from the short book.

  • Formula Growth manages US Small/Mid cap stocks since 1960.

  • Focus on less efficient markets where we believe more alpha can be generated.

  • Fund launched in May 2017.


Formula Growth Limited (“FG”) is an independent investment firm established in Montreal in 1960 with a long-term track record of creating investor wealth by managing equity portfolios for high net worth individuals, family offices and institutional investors. FG strives to achieve the industry’s best practices and as such is registered with the AMF, SEC & SFC, is a signatory of the CFA Asset Manager Code & SBAI, and a member of AIMA.

Key highlights:

  • Proven investment process over many economic and stock market cycles

  • Stability and depth of personnel

  • In-house research team with satellite offices located in New York and Hong Kong

  • Independent investment management services with no corporate affiliations

  • Partners and employees are substantially invested in FG products

Corporate Structure

Formula Growth is fully independent with no corporate affiliations. The firm is 100% owned by the partners, who manage all aspects of the business including long-term planning, developing and implementing investment strategies and managing the company on a daily basis. The firm is well positioned from a management succession and transition perspective as it now includes a fourth generation of employees who are part owners.


John Liddy is President of the wholly-owned New York City based U.S. subsidiary, Formula Growth Management Corporation, and a Senior Portfolio Manager. John is located in the New York office. A graduate of Waterloo and York Universities, he joined Formula Growth in 1995 after four years as a growth stock analyst in Toronto.

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