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To achieve long-term capital growth in the value of assets by investing in equities or equity related instruments of Asian companies which offer: a) strong cash-flows to support a sustainable dividend yield of approximately 5%; b) attractive valuations in relation to both historic and market comparatives and intrinsic value; c) low net debt (or net cash); d) strong growth potential or re-rating capability.

The investment manager will from time to time, depending on market conditions, put in place market hedges to reduce downside volatility and to protect against undue capital losses.


BLS Capital

  • Founded in 1998 as Lotus Asset Management and then acquired by Anli Holdings in 2015, BLS Capital was created in 2022 SFC (HK) registered

  • Core investment team of 3 professionals that have a collective 35 years of investment experience in Hedge Fund asset management. Team of 9 in Hong Kong

  • Solid track record in delivering idiosyncratic returns independent of market direction.

  • Fundamental, bottom-up stock selection process tailored for Asian companies.

  • Opportunistic, directional & flexible investment style throughout numerous market cycles.

  • Stringent risk management process that emphasizes capital preservation in difficult markets.


Lawrence Lai

  • 27 years experience in risk management and trading

  • Specializes in derivatives trading & dynamic hedging

  • Co-founded Lotus AM in 1999. Responsible for risk management & trading

  • Former Roles: Chief Trader at CIBC-CEF, Chief Asian Equity Trader at Santander, Product Controller of Peregrine Brokerage Limited

Bill Pearson

  • 35 years experience in research, sales & fund management

  • Specializes in bottom-up research on Asian equities

  • Managed the Lotus Equity Income Fund which returned 12% p.a. between 2009-12

  • Former Roles: Senior regional sales at Peregrine, BNP, Paribas Peregrine, Kim Eng Securities and Merrill Lynch, Head of Research of Peregrine Sewu Securities

Samuel Chan

  • 18 years experience in fund management and research

  • Specializes in portfolio management & fund structuring

  • Chartered Financial Analyst & Financial Risk Manager

  • Former Roles: Investment Director at Anli Asset Management Limited, Head of Asset Management HK Securities (International) Company, Portfolio Manager at Lotus Asset Management, Research at CGS-CIMB International

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